Services We Offer Maintenance | Repair | Modernization | Installation

At Rise Elevator, we cater to the specific service needs and requests of every customer. We strive to please through transparency and consistent communication. We service all things mobility, if it moves you, we service it.

What We Service:

Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Service + Freight Elevators

Rack + Pinion Hoists,

Stairlifts + VPLs


A large metal elevator with two doors.


Home lifts, Wheelchair lifts & Stairlifts.

A white room with two elevators and one elevator door.


Passenger, Service, Freight Elevators & Dumbwaiters.

A view of the inside of an elevator.


Freight, Service Elevators & Dumbwaiters.

A lift with many doors and lights on the side.


Upgrading dated or obsolete equipment.

Expedited options available
A person pressing the button on an elevator.

Maintenance + Inspections

Preventative Maintenance, Annual & Full-load Inspections.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or Annual

A pair of pencils, scissors and pencil sharpener on top of some plans.


Installing new equipment that suits your needs.